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Nova Palm Medical was established to optimize the clinical research process in placing clinical trials and providing comprehensive management and support to investigative studies customizing our research strategy to meet program specific objectives and requirements.

Lab Experiment

Nova Palm Medical, dedicated to advancing our understanding and treatment of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, has undertaken a collaborative and multidimensional approach to research. Collaborations with research centers and universities from around the world form the cornerstone of Nova Palm's research strategy, enhancing its global reach and impact.

Through these collaborative partnerships, Nova Palm Medical conducts a diverse range of research initiatives. These research endeavors include clinical trials, observational studies, and fundamental research designed to explore various aspects of neurological disorders. The collaboration with international research centers and universities allows Nova Palm to access diverse patient populations, unique research methodologies, and the latest scientific advancements in the field.

The partnerships with research centers and universities have enabled Nova Palm to implement comprehensive management and support for investigative studies. This includes the recruitment of participants, data collection and analysis, and the development of customized research strategies tailored to meet specific objectives and requirements.


Nova Palm's approach to research is grounded in a commitment to advancing our understanding of neurological disorders and enhancing the development of innovative treatments. The global collaborations fostered by Nova Palm Medical reflect the organization's dedication to accelerating progress in the field of neurology and improving the lives of individuals affected by Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

Advancing Neurological Disorder Research with PISTA Technology

Nova Palm Medical draws upon the extensive research and expertise developed over 45 years to conduct a wide array of studies and research initiatives in the domain of neurological disorders. Our core approach centers around the use of PISTA technology, a science-based system that has been meticulously developed and refined over decades.

Through the application of PISTA technology, we are able to gather rich and nuanced data from various groups of individuals affected by Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. The beauty of PISTA lies in its versatility, as it allows us to employ different approaches tailored to the specific needs of each study or research project. This adaptability enables us to explore these neurological disorders from multiple angles, considering various factors such as age, gender, genetic predisposition, and environmental influences.

By harnessing PISTA, we can comprehensively examine how Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases manifest in different populations. The technology enables us to track cognitive and emotional changes, disease progression, and therapeutic efficacy. Moreover, it facilitates the collection of data from a wide range of individuals, ensuring that our studies encompass a diverse spectrum of experiences and backgrounds.

The insights and data gathered through PISTA have far-reaching implications for the field of neurological disorder research. Our research collaborations with universities and scientists enable us to collectively contribute to a deeper understanding of these conditions, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and potentially leading to more effective treatments and interventions.

In summary, Nova Palm Medical's extensive experience in the use of PISTA technology, combined with our collaborative research efforts, enables us to conduct comprehensive studies on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. This approach is characterized by adaptability and innovation, allowing us to gather data and results that contribute to a more profound understanding of these neurological disorders.






Biologist / Toxicologist

Incharge of navigating the trial test

Environmental Toxicological Research

WeChat Image_20190710191737.jpg


 Medical Doctor

Western and Chinese Medicine

Principal Investigator in determining research study and developing protocol



Specialist Researcher of Antiviral

fabric and antimicrobial undergarment

Using Silver Ions that kill microbes and viruses on the textile surface by destroying the cell-wall. Also inhibits bacteria and viruses growth.


Françoise Béguin

Head of Fabric and Style Research

Leads the global research teams in finding the latest in fabrics innovation and functionality. She is a speed skiing world champion who has an equally keen passion for sports performance and fabric development. Her advocacy in advancing performance in sports spurs the team’s in-depth research on comfort and functionality in sport clothing.

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