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Palliative Care for
Cancer Patients


Palliative care focuses on easing symptoms such as nausea, pain, fatigue, and shortness of breath. It helps you to learn how to manage the emotional stress you feel from cancer. Palliative care includes medicinal treatments, nutrition therapy, physical therapy, and relaxation techniques such as deep breathing. Emotional and spiritual counseling may be offered to you as well. Palliative care will help guide you in the decision-making aspect about your treatment and may provide your family and friends with the kind of support they want during your time of need.


Our Medical Team is composed with experts who mastered their specializations with the purpose of providing you quality care to guide you throughout your journey in overcoming your illness be it physical or emotional. Our Medical Team aims to relieve your stress, control your fears, and reduce pain. In your journey in overcoming your illness, you will be accompanied by our esteemed professionals who will provide you the care and support you need in every aspect:

  • Physical Therapists

  • Social Workers

  • Dietitians

  • Licensed PISTA Psychologists



The Cancer Supportive Care Program is an integral part of the Nova Palm Medical. We provide you with the physical, emotional, and spiritual support you need throughout the stages of cancer survivorship: Living With, Through, and Beyond Cancer. Strengthening your body, nurturing hope within you, and enriching your spirit are what we are here for. Regardless of where you receive your care, our free support groups, classes, workshops, and personal one-on-one consultations and services are open to all cancer patients in the community. You may choose the offerings that best meet your needs as it is important for us to do our part in reminding you that you do not have to go through cancer alone.


It is best to receive palliative care as soon as you are diagnosed. You may choose to receive palliative care in any stage of the disease and treatment you are in as palliative care is made available throughout all stages of the disease and treatment. With the help of our specialists, our program also provides the support you need even when you are in your own home.


Palliative care helps you in easing the pain you are experiencing as well as decreasing your chances of depression, nausea, and shortness of breath. Palliative care decreases your possibility and likelihood of being admitted to the hospital and undergoing intensive care. By receiving palliative care alongside cancer treatment, it creates a better quality of life and mood for you.

Together with our PISTA SOUND TECHNOLOGY comprising of 45 years’ worth of research, palliative care dramatically changes your way of thinking. Any unwanted or destructive thought patterns you are having are eliminated and are replaced with constructive affirmations.

With our medical doctors specializing in psychology and mental wellness, they can perform and carry out palliative care as needed and as best as they can as they guide you in establishing your life direction and in helping you embrace your everyday challenges in motivating you to move forward.

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