PISTA Sleep Solution

PISTA develops a sleep solution using the PISTA device to stop psychotopical medicine use for sleeping disorders


Selina Chan

Kerry Anne Edge

Biotransformation of Contaminants

Biomedical applications of Nano-Biosensor

Enhanced usability facilitates a smoother transition between our laboratory prototypes to products leading to increased to commercialization potential.

Organic Farming on French

Alps of High Altitude

Conduct research on french high alpine vegetation from knowledge to action towards conservation of high mountain vegetation change, preserve alpine plants and prevents extinction.

Graphene Antimicrobial

The overuse of antibiotics have directed the path to evolve many drug-resistant bacteria which lead to irretrievable infections. The use of graphene antimicrobial materials is to target and to achieve the result of reaching the elimination of contamination and infection.

Antimicrobial Clothing

Our collection of clothing are infused with one or more variety of substance which controls the growth of micro-organisms, like bacteria, virus and fungus that causes odour and staining.

This includes our collection of suits, women's wear, kid's clothing, sports apparel and underwear.