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Research & Initiatives

Nova Palm Medical's approach draws from the extensive research and publications by the PISTA Institute, a comprehensive repository of knowledge spanning diverse domains, including human development, neuroscience, psychology, sports science, and sound science. This wealth of information serves as a wellspring of wisdom, offering profound insights into the complexities of the human brain, innovative strategies for personal growth, and scientifically-backed solutions to common human challenges.


With a 45-year legacy of empirical research, the Institute's publications lay a sturdy groundwork for informed decision-making, serving as a well of inspiration for academic institutions, research facilities, and communities, and providing invaluable guidance to individuals striving to improve their well-being and navigate life's intricacies.


Nova Palm Medical collaborates with the PISTA Institute to incorporate these research findings into their approaches for addressing neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, ensuring that their strategies are informed by decades of rigorous scientific exploration.

Gamma Oscillation Related Studies and Articles

  • Mechanisms of Gamma Oscillations. Click here to read.

  • A review of gamma oscillations in healthy subjects and in cognitive impairment. Click here to read.

  • Gamma Oscillations in Alzheimer’s Disease and Their Potential Therapeutic Role. Click here to read.

  • Gamma Frequency Sensory Stimulation in Probable Mild Alzheimer’s Dementia Patients: Results of a Preliminary Clinical Trial. Click here to read.

  • A pulse of hope in the fight against Alzheimer’s. Click here to read.

Vibration Therapy Studies and Articles

  • Effects of vibration training on quality of life in older adults: a preliminary systematic review and meta‑analysis. Click here to read.

  • Effect of low frequency sound vibration on acute stress response in university students—Pilot randomized controlled trial. Click here to read.

  • Vibration Therapy and Its Influence on Health. Click here to read.

Binaural Sound and Brain Stimulation Related Study and PISTA Published Article

  • Dosage and Lasting Effects of Binaural Beats on Working Memory and Attention. Click here to read.

  • Mind and Mend Program: A Pilot Study Combining Binaural Beats with Self-Actualization Techniques to Develop a Therapy Protocol. Click here to read.

  • Modulatory Effect of Association of Brain Stimulation by Light and Binaural Beats in Specific Brain Waves. Click here to read.

  • Auditory Beat Stimulation and its Effects on Cognition and Mood States. Click here to read.

  • Stimulation by Light and Sound: Therapeutics Effects in Humans. Systematic Review. Click here to read.

Ongoing PISTA Research and Related Studies on Alzheimer's Disease and Cognitive Decline

  • (Ongoing Research) Caregiving for Dementia with Brain and Sound Stimulation using PISTA Therapy. Click here to read. 

  • Unique visual stimulation may be new treatment for Alzheimer's. Click here to read.

  • Gamma Band Neural Stimulation in Humans and the Promise of a New Modality to Prevent and Treat Alzheimer’s Disease. Click here to read. 

  • Multi-mechanical waves against Alzheimer’s disease pathology: a systematic review. Click here to read.

  • Long-lasting, dissociable improvements in working memory and long-term memory in older adults with repetitive neuromodulation. Click here to read.

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